The Vendor Portal’s key objective was to allow the organization to collaborate internally and externally (vendors) for the procurement process .

My Role

  • Responsible for designing the user experience from the ground up, which would digitize the paper/email driven process using a centralized online platform.

  • Facilitating cross functional discussions, requirement gathering and was responsible for executing the entire UX process from research to high fidelity prototypes.


  • We were able to eliminate email and other unstructured modes of communication when dealing with vendors

  • Appointment scheduling allowed for more effective HR planning for managing resource demand.

Purchase Order View

The platform allowed the vendor and the internal teams to align along a single source of truth - the purchase order as shown above, which reduced miscommunication and allowed for better collaboration.

Appointment Scheduling

The need was to allow vendors to schedule appointments which included information of the load carried. This helped us predict and thereby optimise the manpower requirements better.

Articles Carried information

Reports we added to monitor inventory and sales.

Reports allowed vendors to see their own sales data and inventory stocks at various stores to predict stock out and identify any patterns that emerged for these data points respectively.

Reports were also designed to work with all form factors

especially mobile since sales and inventory data were found to be crucial and often used on the go, as we found in our user


Mobile view to access reports on the go

The portal provided a standardized mechanism for the vendors to collaborate with the the internal procurement teams, which reduced miscommunication, allowed scheduling of warehouse appointments and communicated the goods carried by the vendor when arriving at the warehouse.

This information was found to be key in resource planning and improving operational efficiency, and hence had a significant impact on the throughputs in the warehouse.