The Agent Portal’s key objective was to enable insurance agents to capture customer information accurately on the go for issuing new policies.

My Role

  • Responsible for designing the user experience for the agent portal from user research to high fidelity prototypes.

  • Spearheading discussions with the product teams to understand the jobs to be done (JTBD) for an agent and designing a suitable and intuitive user experience.


  • The agent portal was designed for a tablet first resolution to enable agents to capture customer information and track policy issuances thereby allowing them to service customers better and sell more policies.

Agent Portal Interface for capturing customer details

A typical policy creation process involved a lot of data entry hence forms formed a core part of the interface.

Form with multiple sections

The data entry was broken down into steps and each step was further divided into sections to provide context while entering separate pieces of information.

The Vertical Stepper

The steps not only allowed breaking down the flow but also allowed the user to return to any point in the journey and continue from there.

It also provided some additional information to indicate the active step and the status of each step in the journey.

The data entry forms were also designed to be responsive on the go since some key touchpoints were needed on the go.

Responsive Mobile View

The agent portal allowed faster and more accurate data capturing and minimized turn around time for issuing a policy. This was made possile by optimizing long data entry forms into manageable chunks, along with a capability to have a break in the journey and continue whenever the user left off.